Connect to the fullness of all 
that you are.

Bring forth the expression of 
your Soul.

Clarify, align with 
& manifest desires beyond what you’ve ever known.

> Do you feel deep inside your heart that you are made for MORE?

> Do you feel the whisper of your own Soul desiring to come forth and PLAY? 

> You know that there's more than just GOING THROUGH THE MOTIONS of life, but you've yet to consistently create from your heart and soul?

> Do you have strong desires, but don’t know HOW to bring them to life? Or, you’re seeking CLARITY on what your true desires are?

> Do you want to CREATE & EXPERIENCE beyond that which you've created or experienced before?
> Do you seek to set out and experience the MOST FULFILLED reality that you can in this lifetime?


> To KNOW WHO YOU ARE within yourself, beneath the external self that other's know you as?

> Do you desire to experience the RICHNESS, ABUNDANCE & BEAUTY in all of life?

> Do you desire to translate the desires of your heart & soul into MANIFESTED EXPERIENCES & REALITIES?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re in the right place!  

Hi, my name is Kat Trimarco! I am an Evolutionary Thought Leader, Quantum Teacher & Coach. I am personally obsessed with unlocking the secrets of the Universe and who we are as multi-dimensional, infinite beings playing within the physical realm, for the specific purpose of feeling greater joy and fulfillment and to create and manifest new experiences, realities & the greatest expression of self.

I believe that we are here on Earth to express our truest hearts desires, to play & to create. I believe that joy, fulfillment, and so much love & connection are our Divine birthright and the very existence that we're meant to live here on Earth. I believe that we get to choose this. That we get to live this.  I believe that we are meant to have a deeply fulfilling internal experience and to create beautiful manifestations. I believe that this is available for all who choose it and for all who learn how to work within the realms of their inner world. To know who they truly are and to do the inner world to align with new and desired realities and expressions of self.

Growing up and well into my adult life, I wondered why it was that in everything we'd learned, no one taught us about our inner world. I remember specifically thinking on many occasions,
"Where is the manual to life? How does everyone know what they're doing? And why does everyone seem to be operating within a different set of rules?"

How I felt inside myself didn't match the outer world I saw around me.

Have you ever felt this way or asked similar questions? Wondered how life actually works?
How to bridge your inner world and your external reality? How to bring forth the outward expression of your inner self?
How to actually hear, trust and align with your inner guidance, your heart and your unique desires?

There is more at play than what we see in the external world.

Yet, we are not taught about our inner world, the importance of it, or how it is that our inner reality actually is the cause of everything that we experience in our life.

And that it's changeable & rearrangable.


For years, deep down inside, I always felt that anything and everything was possible. Inside the depths of my heart, I knew this to be true. And yet, in many ways, my life wasn't a reflection of this inner knowing. My dreams and desires felt like they were floating around me and I didn't know how to grasp them and make them real. At least not consistently. I didn't feel like my physical reality or my self expression matched who I knew myself to really be on a Soul level.

I felt like there was an animal inside of me that wanted to be unleashed.
My Soul wanted to express in all of it's fullness!

Sometimes, miracles would occur and other times no matter how hard I tried, what I wanted didn't seem to come about. Can you relate?

I wondered, "What's at play here?"

I dove deep into learning about conscious manifestation, who we actually are as multi-dimensional beings (with a mind, emotions, a physical body and a Soul), how the Universe and energy work to create - and how to intentionally work within these aspects to create new manifestations and experiences in my life. Not haphazardly, but to really know what's going on in my inner world, work with my inner world intentionally, and see the effect it has on my outer experience.

Upon this journey, I have created some beautiful manifestations and cultivated the most beautiful sense of inner connection and knowingness of who I truly am.

To more I unlocked and continue to unlock my Soul, and multi-dimensional self, the more joyfully self-expressed and aligned with all that I am in every moment that I am.

I believe this is all of our birthright, but we've also picked up some crazy thoughts, beliefs, ways of relating with ourselves, ways of perceiving our self and our life that don't always serve the fullness of our expression or all that we want to create in our life. All that we want to be!
How do you create your own reality?
How do you experience internal fulfillment, joy & connection?
How do you bring forward the expression of all that you are?
How do you create your own reality?
How do you experience internal fulfillment, joy & connection?
How do you bring forward the expression of all that you are?
The purpose of Align is to tap you into your own Soul, your infinite nature and to bring forth the expression of all that you are into your physical embodiment, so that you can experience deep internal fulfillment. So that you can feel like your life truly reflects who you feel like inside and the glorious nature of your Soul.

The purpose of Align is to help you get crystal clear on what it is you actually desire. To connect with your true hearts desires. To deeply understand the workings of your inner world so that you can shift into realms of love, connection, fulfillment, and the manifested experiences of your hearts desires.


You are an infinite being who can BE, DO and HAVE anything you desire in this lifetime.

In order to actualize this knowing, it's important to:

*Know what you desire and embody it's energetic essence

*Know who you are as an eternal & multi-dimensional being, how the different aspects of your consciousness operate – how your thoughts, emotions, and energy create within the physical realm

*How you consciously navigate and make changes within your thoughts, emotions and energies to align with, create and manifest beyond what you’ve currently experienced

*To align to & bring forth the power, clarity and expression of your Soul

*Be crystal clear on and consistently align to the true desires of your heart

*Understand the different roles and dynamics of the Universe, your Soul and your human personality self & learning to work in harmony with each

In Align, you will be taught & guided through specific teachings & processes to understand & integrate the above.


You don’t have to wait for a problem to arise or for something in your external world to happen for you to react to in order to make positive changes, connect with your hearts desires, bring forth your true expression and call in new manifested experiences.

You can learn to create from a place of desire, from tuning into your heartfelt and soul aligned desires, the true embodiment & expression of self and bringing these to life.

There are 3 ways in which we create:

1) BY DEFAULT - This is the realm of going through the motions of life, maybe having even forgot that you are the creator, waiting for someone to make the decisions for you, or waiting for something external to change.

2) BY RESPONSE - This is the realm of making decisions in response to that which manifests around you. Waiting for something external to trigger a response or desire within you before moving towards it.

3) BY DESIRE & DESIGN - This is the realm of actively connecting with your Soul, your hearts desires and consciously working with the Laws of the Universe and the Laws of Creation to bring for the full expression and embodiment of all that you are and all that you desire to be and experience.

In Align, you learn to work within the third realm of creation where you will learn who you really are as a eternal soul, a multi-dimensional being here on Earth creating and how to understand your mind, your emotions and your unique perceptions of self & life, tailoring them into desired realities and desired expressions.

You will learn how to connect with the innermost truth of your Soul. You will learn the “how to” of manifesting, how inner reality effects and creates external experiences, and how to apply the teachings to the context of your own unique life experience and your unique desires.

 Align takes you beyond who and what you’ve identified yourself as so far and opens you up to connect with your infinite identity and bring these aspects of self into your physical human experience so that you can create and experience beyond what you’ve yet allowed yourself or even thought to allow yourself to desire & experience - internally and externally!


         Who is Align for:
         Who is Align for:
Align is for those who desire more!  For those who feel in their heart there is more of themselves to be expressed and more of life to experience.

Align is for those who desire to explore beyond the known!  For those with a sense of curiosity who desire to explore the depths of their own inner world. 

Align is for those who are ready to call in new manifested experiences!  Experiences that are aligned with and a natural extension of the expression of your heart, Soul and innermost truth. To create an external reality that matches the true desires of your heart.

Align is for those who are ready and willing to examine & reconstruct their inner world! For those who are ready to open their perception, their mind, and their understanding of themselves and their life to create new internal and external experiences.

Align is for those who love to self-discover & self-actualize!  For those who love to continually deepen their knowledge of self and who desire teachings, wisdom and processes to take them further into their discovery & actualization of self.

Align is for those who seek to live from a place of true heart & Soul alignment!  For those who desire to create their life and internal experience based on desires rather than any sort of obligation.


         In Align, you will learn to:
       In Align, you will learn to:
> Get crystal clear on WHAT you desire

> Feel CERTAIN, SECURE and CONFIDENT in your desires

> Bring your heartfelt and soul aligned DESIRES TO LIFE, through co-creation with the Universe and your Soul

> Learn to understand & apply Universal Laws of Creation to the SPECIFIC desires of your own life

> Learn & be guided through specific internal process for shifting perspectives to MANIFEST & ALIGN WITH NEW REALITIES

> Learn, understand and implement the tangible 'HOW TO' of co-creation

> CREATE BEYOND what you've yet experienced from a place of JOY, FUN, & POSSIBILITY

> Discover consciously who you are beyond the flesh, coming into alignment with YOUR ETERNAL SELF

> Embody a sense of ADVENTURE & CREATIVITY in relationship to the unknown
> Elevate your emotions and internal states of being to experience more JOY, LOVE, CONNECTION and FULFILLMENT 
> SHIFT NEGATIVE EMOTIONS and situations to work in your favor

> Shift your identity to match the identity of your HEARTFELT DREAMS & DESIRES

> Retrain your brain to WORK FOR YOU, to think UNLIMITED and live in the realm of POSSIBILITY

> Open your HEART to newness and EXPANSION

> Feel AUTHENTIC, CONFIDENT & ALIGNED in your unique self-expression

> Learn how to work with and trust your INNER GUIDANCE SYSTEM

> Strengthen your relationship with and CONNECTION to THE UNIVERSE

>C0-CREATE and manifest with the Universe to DO LESS while RECEIVING MORE

Taiga Marthens

"Working with Kat I have had profound growth and expansion within my inner and outer worlds.  I have connected with more of my true self and essence, and unearthed my deep desires and  purpose.

I have learned to recognize old patterns and stories that hold me hostage and in a contractive state and can now actively shift those feelings and emotions into an expansive and higher vibrational state of being.

I have stepped into a higher frequency of trust and well being.  I have manifested an incredible relationship, and have taken action on projects and decisions that will expand me into my soul's purpose as a creator and artist.

  If you are feeling called into growth and expansion, to truly get in touch with your soul and what you desire, then working with Kat is an incredible experience and opportunity. I think this is the most important work we can be doing as individuals and as a collective right now."

- Taiga
Sarah Barres

“I hired Kat to work with me at a point when I was making a major decision in my life. 

It was the best decision I could have made to work with her. She coached me and encouraged me through my decision, without making the decision for me. She helped me see all sides of my choices and the consequences and rewards of each. 

I felt safe and comfortable to be raw and real with her. I am eternally grateful for the guidance she provided and the outcome of my decision.

 I couldn't have made the hard, correct, choice without her. I recommend my friends to her often and whomever gets the chance to work with her will be truly blessed.” 

- Sarah
Carlos Arnoni

“I learned about Kat during a new chapter in my life where I had just shifted from years of self resentment to a place of unconditional love and self-acceptance. Lone behold, as I'm going about my life feeling like a big weight was lifted off my chest, I received an email from Kat about this online course she was running called.

What I felt and learned from Kat's mentorship goes beyond anything words can describe but I will do my best.

This is a person, who not only teaches, but really opens your eyes and your heart to the realities of not just our invaluable worth, but also in seeing that we truly are meant to have all the things we desire, that the Universe will always have our backs, and how to recognize our triggers and work with them in a healthy manner.

Since, working with Kat, I have loved myself on a far deeper level than I ever would have imagined, my relationships with those I love have blossomed beautifully, I have learned to view those who triggered me in the past from a different lens, thus I learned to love and accept them as well.

Not to mention, I've manifested a wicked change in career along with absolutely amazing peers all thanks to this wonderful coach who showed me how to use the tools.

I will forever be grateful to Kat for all I have learned from her, and if you're thinking of trying out Align, it is TOTALLY WORTH IT!!”

- Carlos

What's inside Align?
What's in the Program
Immediately upon enrollment, you receive access to all pre-work which includes:


> 2 x 75 minute DEMYSTIFYING MANIFESTATION trainings
(this builds the foundation for what you'll learn inside the program)

> FUTURE SELF Guided Activation Process


Align Classes
Each class contains a 60-75 minute training video, class notes, homework and journal prompts.

Each class is also available to listen to as audio only, for your convenience and personal preference of learning style.

You receive access to your first class immediately upon enrollment, in addition to your pre-work. You receive access to class #2 one week after that, class #3 one week after that, class #4 one week after that, class #5 one week after that, class #6 one week after that, and your BONUSES one week after the completion of class #6.

You receive all class material for life, to retake any class at anytime.

I personally encourage take classes multiple times for this reason:
Each time you take a class, implement and integrate, you literally shift your consciousness into a new space, which means that each new time you take a class you are taking it from a different vantage point. You will learn more, receive more and integrate more every time you take a class!
Class #1

Manifestation 101

* Learn the psychology of creation - how your inner world creates your external experiences

* Learn the energetic Laws of Creation

* Learn Kat’s 9 step manifestation formula to call in and create what you desire

Class #2 

Calling in Your Desires 

* Gain clarity on what your desire

 * Learn Kat’s 4 step formula to map out your desires

* How to move through resistance

* Learn to open yourself to limitless possibility

* Heal, clear & re-frame your past

Class #3 

Shifting Your Identity

* Awaken to & align with your eternal & limitless identity
* Identify & transcend limited identities that hold you back

* Create & integrate identities that are in alignment with the future you desire & who you desire to be

Class #4

Master Your Emotions

* Learn how to understanding & navigate your emotional guidance system

* Learn how to honor and process through all emotions

* Learn how to shift negative emotions

* Learn to integrate intellectual knowledge into emotional awareness
Class #5

Healing Illusions of Self & Reality

* Heal your self-image & self-identity

* Heal misperceptions of your past to create a new future

* Move from problem solving mode to infinite creative possibility mode

* Deepen your spiritual awakening & awareness
Class #6

Advanced Manifestation

* Learn how to quantum leap

* Call in your desires even more quickly

* Your future isn’t time away, it’s a vibration away - learn how to align and activate with the vibration of your future

* Upgrade your energetic frequency to create quickly

In addition to your pre-work and all 6 classes, you receive, as a BONUS,
Kat's 3 part MANIFESTATION MINI SERIES trainings:

Training #1
Creating Your Vision

Training #2
Aligning with Your Vision

Training #3
Co-Create with The Universe

These trainings take you through the creation of, alignment to, and co-creation with the Universe of your visions, dreams and desires. Kat initially taught this series at the end of the year and beginning a new year and the teachings within the series can be applied to any dreams and desires you want to bring to life and at any time of the year.


Immediately upon enrollment, you receive access to all pre-work and your first class!

Each new class drops every week.

You receive lifetime access to all program material!
About Kat
Kat Trimarco is an Evolutionary Thought Leader, Quantum Teacher & Coach, published author & speaker.

She teaches people to understand and work with Universal Laws, their thoughts, emotions, energies and different dimensions of consciousness to experience deep internal fulfillment as well as to manifest and co-create a beautiful life, actualizing & embodying their highest available timelines of reality into the physical realm.

Kat has a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, is a certified Coach, and the author of Self Approved - A guide to accepting, loving and expressing the person you truly are
(Available worldwide on Amazon)

Her work has been featured in major publications including Good Morning La La Land, LA Talk Radio, Thrive, Authority Magazine, Identify LA, Voyage LA, Best Self Magazine and Taylor Magazine and she has appeared as a keynote speaker at the world renowned Wanderlust Festivals.
Q: When does the program start?

A: Upon enrollment, you receive immediate access to all pre-work, which includes your welcome video, two Demystifying Manifestation trainings, and your Future Self Activation. One week after enrollment, you receive access to Class #1, one week after that access to Class #2, one week after that Class #3, etc.

One week after Class #6 you receive access to your 3 BONUS Manifestation Mini Series Trainings.

Q: Will I be able to watch the classes on my own time? 
A: Yes! All classes are pre-recorded and you have access to all the Align program material for life.

Q: Do you have payment plans?

A: Yes! After clicking the "ENROLL HERE" button you will be taken to the payment page where  the payment plan is listed.

Q: What if I require or desire extra support in implementing what I learn?

A: Kat has a variety of ways to work with and learn from her. After completing Align, for more advanced trainings, or 1-1 support, email our team at to take the next steps or to apply to work with Kat 1-1.
She recommends starting with Align as the foundation for all her students and clients!

If you have any further questions that aren't listed here, email:

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