Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life
~Awaken your sexual energy, change your mind about sex, and learn how to feel safe and confident in your unique sexual expression~

Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life
~Awaken your sexual energy, change your mind about sex, and learn how to feel safe and confident in your unique sexual expression~
> Do you desire to feel connected to yourself sexually? To share in this connection with your partner, current or future?
> To feel safe and secure to express yourself sexually? 
> To release sexual guilt, shame and cultural conditioning on what it means to be a sexually embodied woman? 
> To activate and ignite your sexual energy and libido? 
> To know yourself sexually?
> To feel comfortable and accepted during sex and intimacy?
> Do you desire to create intimacy, connection, and physical pleasure in your relationship, future or current?
Inside, you’ll discover universal truths (and little flickers of light), like:

✔️ Why there’s really no such thing as “the stages of grief”– and you shouldn’t be cruel to yourself if your healing doesn’t follow a linear path 

✔️ The ways grief affects us beyond our emotions – and why it’s okay (and normal) if each day of grieving looks (and feels) different

✔️ Why “grief therapy” isn’t the right path for most people–and what to do instead

When you’re grieving, you feel broken. But just like other things in nature, if we properly take care of our break – if we set and straighten it with wisdom and stitch it back together with a little bit of hope – our broken place can become our greatest strength and greatest source of healing. And it’s okay to do it our way!

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Hi love, I’m Kat Trimarco, Sex & Relationship coach, Spiritual Psychology Coach, published author, and speaker. Those are my titles now but once upon a time I was just a woman who embarked on a deep journey to know myself sexually. 
For so long I desired deep, soulful connection and lovemaking. I wanted passion and to feel secure and accepted in my sex and my relationships.

I remember being so connected to my sexuality as a teenager. Desiring sex wasn’t even a question. And then something changed as I entered adulthood and different relationships. I felt afraid of my own sexuality. I disconnected from myself and my own desire. For years, I couldn’t orgasm with men and initiating sex felt incredibly intimidating for me. I just didn’t do it. 

I wanted to want it. Yet, I’d find myself avoiding physical intimacy in relationship, even though there was lots of love between me and my partner. We didn’t know how to communicate. 

I made a powerful decision at this point in my life to take my sexuality back into my own hands, to really learn, understand, and know who I am as a sexual being. To understand my unique desires and turn-ons and how to activate my sexual energy without relying on my partner to magically know how to do it for me. Let’s be real ladies… how often have you had this unrealistic expectation from your partner? 

Fast forward to where I am now…

I went from not being able to orgasm with a man AT ALL to being a multi-orgasmic woman. Multi-orgasmic in my own body, experiencing different types of orgasm as well as becoming multi-orgasmic with men in that I can now experience orgasm through different types of stimulation, internally and externally.
 All of this started with the foundation of what I’m teaching you in Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life. 

All of this started with the foundation of what I’m teaching you in Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life.
I went from feeling sexually shut down to confidently embodied in my sexual energy and expression. Not as society defines good sex, but as I define it for myself. 

Coming into your sexual energy and expression is about coming home to your unique and authentic sexual self, something that most of us were not ever given the space or permission to explore and discover.

I am now able to clearly communicate what it is I need and desire sexually to feel comfortable and to access turn-on and orgasm. Where I used to feel afraid and standoffish initiating any sort of sexual touch or intimacy, I now get excited to be the one initiating.
Sex has become so much more than intercourse. It’s a place of comfort, security, and passionate lovemaking. 
I credit this to me deciding all those years ago to master learning about my sexuality and how to ignite and control my own sexual energy, how to change my mind, thoughts and beliefs about sex. As well as how to feel safe, secure, and comfortable discovering and expressing my authentic sexual self. 
And now I’m teaching you in Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life. 
I firmly believe that, as women, sex for us isn’t just about the physical act of intercourse and that sexual energy isn’t just about your libido. There’s a lot more going on below the surface. 

It’s about who we be as women in the world. It’s about owning your desires and what genuinely turns you on in bed and in life, and most importantly, believing that you get to have those desires met and beyond fulfilled.

And you do. I promise you do. 

You deserve to be having epic sex. You deserve passionate, connected lovemaking. You deserve to not just have love in a relationship, but physical passion combined with a heart and soul connection. 

I truly believe that you get to have it all. This is your birthright. 

I know you know it exists, but maybe you haven’t quite known how to access it. That’s why you’ve made your way into my world. 
I’m so excited to take you on a journey back into connection with yourself, your desires, your pleasure and turn-on. 
I’m so excited for you to dive in and reclaim what sex means for you and to experience the ripple effect this has in who you be in your entire life and what you manifest and create externally.
I invite you to join me in Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life, an at home self study program designed to assist you in awakening your sexual energy, to change your mind about sex, and to learn how to feel safe and confident in your unique sexual expression.
What you’ll learn in this course...
> How to activate and awaken your libido and sexual energy
> How to dismantle sexual guilt and shame
> How to confidently find and express your own unique turn-on and pleasure 
> How to rekindle and deepen the connection to your own genitals
> How your mind is one of your biggest sexual organs and how changing your thoughts and beliefs about your body, men, and sex increases your pleasure and turn-on (this is seriously one of my personal favorites!)
> Learn how your body and psyche are uniquely wired to receive sexual pleasure (we’re all wired differently and this is often the cause of miscommunication in relationship!)
> How to feel safe embodying your sexual energy
> How to set and maintain sexual boundaries, physical and energetic
> To define what being a sexually embodied woman means and feels like to you
> How to trust yourself 
> How to add pleasure back into your life 
> How to access turn-on and pleasure at your own will 

What Women Are Saying About This Course...
"Kat creates such a sacred container where each person truly feels safe, seen, and held. The authenticity and warmth she transmutes is contagious. I highly recommend attending a workshop with Kat and working with her one-on-on. It’s invaluable, informative, and a self-loving experience" - Leora
"This course was eye opening on so many levels. I learned things that will bring immediate shifts in my life! Kat is a phenomenal teacher and she makes everything relatable, accessible, and comfortable" - Jamie
"Groundbreaking info, awareness and tools that will further my expression of self, leading to a deepening of connection with my partner. PROFOUND! This will open so many doors and avenues, allowing for expansion. I am f*cking excited! This feels limitless, infinite!" - Jolie
Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your life
~Awaken your sexual energy, change your mind about sex, and learn how to feel safe and confident in your unique sexual expression~
Course Breakdown...
Each of the 3 modules in Reclaim Your Sex, Reclaim Your Life is complete with a video training, teaching summary, journal prompts, and practices for you to implement. 
Here’s what’s inside each module! 
Module 1: Awakening Your Sexual Energy 
> expanding your definition of sex beyond intercourse
> how to awaken and ignite your sexual energy and libido
> coming home to your sexual self 
> beyond the bedroom - how you do sex is how you do life
> reclaiming your relationship with your genitals
Module 2: Changing Your Mind About Sex
> your mind is one of your biggest sex organs 
> how to use your mind to increase pleasure 
> dismantling negative beliefs about your body, sex, men and relationships 
and creating new constructive beliefs 
> discover how you’re uniquely wired to receive sexual pleasure
(not everybody’s body is the same!)
> where does sexual shame come from and how to dismantle it
Module 3: Feeling Safe to Sexually Express
> how to feel safe, secure and comfortable sexually 
> how to create energetic and physical boundaries 
> how to become fully sexually expressed as it feels authentic to you
> creating a container of safety in your own body
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