Self Approved Sex
6 Week Online Women's Group Coaching
Transform your relationship with sex & men

Self Approved Sex
 6 week online Women's Group 
Transform your relationship with sex & men
>Do you wish you knew exactly what your sexual NEEDS & DESIRES are and how to COMMUNICATE them?

>Do you desire to feel more CONFIDENT in your body and in your SEXUAL EXPRESSION?

>Do you desire to reach deeper states of ORGASM? 

> Have you ever felt like you're sexually BROKEN?

> Do you get STUCK IN YOUR HEAD during sex and have a hard time relaxing?

> Do you, or have you in the past, had a mismatched SEX DRIVE with your partner? 

> Have you struggled to know what you WANT in the bedroom? 

> Do you wish you knew how to SPEAK UP and use your voice with your partner?

> Do you struggle with HOW to ask for what you want sexually?

> Do you have difficulty ORGASMING? 

> Do you get close to orgasm but then it DISAPPEARS?

> Do you desire to create more INTIMACY & CONNECTION in your relationship, current or future?

>Do you desire to CONNECT DEEPLY with your BODY and your ORGASM?

>Do you desire to connect more INTIMATELY with your partner currently or in the future if you're single?

>Do you desire SEXUAL EXPANSION - aka the SOMETHING MORE to sex?
Inside, you’ll discover universal truths (and little flickers of light), like:

✔️ Why there’s really no such thing as “the stages of grief”– and you shouldn’t be cruel to yourself if your healing doesn’t follow a linear path 

✔️ The ways grief affects us beyond our emotions – and why it’s okay (and normal) if each day of grieving looks (and feels) different

✔️ Why “grief therapy” isn’t the right path for most people–and what to do instead

When you’re grieving, you feel broken. But just like other things in nature, if we properly take care of our break – if we set and straighten it with wisdom and stitch it back together with a little bit of hope – our broken place can become our greatest strength and greatest source of healing. And it’s okay to do it our way!

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You’re in the right place.

Hi, I’m Kat Trimarco, certified Sex & Relationship coach and Spiritual Psychologist and I’ve personally experienced all of the above mentioned in my past.

Actually, for years.

I know exactly what it’s like to feel disconnected from my sexuality, my desires and my body. I spent a lot of years feeling like I was sexually broken.

Even through those years, I had an intuition… an inner knowing… that pure sexual bliss was possible. I KNEW that there was something more available sexually. A spiritual experience. Deeper orgasmic experiences. 

I had an intense desire to find it…

And... I DID!
Self Approved Sex is a 6 week online women's group coaching program designed to transform your relationship with sex, connect deeply with your body, your desires, and your orgasm.
Aside from my credentials, I am now a woman who is deeply connected to her sexuality, desire, and orgasm. I feel juicy, turned on, and have a beautiful relationship with my body, my genitals and my pleasure. I comfortably and confidently ask for what I want in the bedroom.

I embody my sensuality and my sexuality confidently.
I wasn’t always this way though. 

I went from only being able to orgasm by myself and only with the assistance of my vibrator to being multi-orgasmic solo and with partners, something I never thought possible. 

Let me walk you through the transformation.
There was a time in my life that I was so sexually shut down, I went for over a year without having sex and without self-pleasuring. It’s as if I’d completely forgotten about that part of myself all together. 

There were times when I was in relationship with men that I loved and felt deeply connected to in my heart and soul, but that I didn’t really desire sex with. I wanted to. I wanted to want it. I wanted to make them happy. I wanted them to feel sexually fulfilled and I wanted to feel sexually satisfied and fulfilled myself too.

This was a time when my turn-on just wasn’t there. I preferred cuddling, making out, and spending quality time together, but I’d often find myself feeling squeamish when it came time to actually have sex. 
Sometimes it felt like I was just going through the motions of sex so my partner would feel fulfilled.

Can you relate?

On the flip side of this, I had relationships in my past where my sexual desire was much higher than my partner’s. Where no matter how many times I tried to subtly hint that I needed sex to feel satiated and connected in the relationship, they didn’t seem to be able to meet me. Or didn’t want to. I’d feel irritated, frustrated and upset that the men I was in relationship with seemed to barely want to touch me and rarely initiated sex. 

This was incredibly painful. My desires weren’t being fed and I felt sexually starved.

Then, I found myself in a relationship where me and my partner both had desire and both initiated, but I didn't really know what I wanted sexually. 

He would ask me all the time. "What do you want? How do you want to be touched? What would bring you to orgasm?"

And the truth was that I didn't really KNOW! 

I knew what felt good when it was happening, but I didn't know how to use my words and ask for specifics. 

I wondered where the secret manual was that taught us this stuff as women. Did every other women know exactly what she wanted in bed and know how to communicate it to her partner? Did every other woman know how to orgasm easily and consistently? 

I was determined to figure this out.
And I did. 
What I desired was beyond intercourse. I was desiring connection. On all levels. I wanted to have my heart cracked open while making love. I wanted to melt and surrender myself beneath the loving weight of my man. I wanted to experience pleasure rippling through my body. And I wanted full body, soul shaking ORGASMS!!!
The yearning inside of me to truly know and connect with myself sexually, sent me on a beautiful journey of discovering my arousal and how to create intimacy. 

On this journey, I learned how to dismantle all the layers of conditioning we face as women around our sexuality and how to truly create an empowered sexual expression with men, how to ask for what we desire and how to use sex to create intimacy and connection. 

Sex gets to be so much more than intercourse.

I spent years reading every book about sexuality, relationships and intimacy that I could get my hands on, immersed myself in courses and workshops and even flew across the world to train and educate at some of the best facilities on sex, relationships, understanding men and women and intimacy. Eventually, my journey led me to becoming a certified Sex & Relationship Coach and a Spiritual Psychologist. 

And now I teach other women how to unlock their sexual selves to feel confident in the bedroom, to know what it is you specifically desire and how to effectively communicate what you desire. And, of course, how to reach delicious orgasms!  
Here's what you'll learn in Self Approved Sex:
>To feel confident and EMPOWERED sexually and in your body

>To RELAX FULLY and get out of your head during sex

>What you SPECIFICALLY DESIRE sexually and how to ask for it in the bedroom (without feeling like you're going to hurt your partner's feelings)

 >How to access your TURN-ON and activate your SEXUAL ENERGY

>How to speak up and use your voice during sex to ASK FOR WHAT YOU WANT

>How to have more INTIMACY & CONNECTION in your sex and relationship

>How to COMMUNICATE what you need and desire in sex and relationship

>How to have DEEPER pleasure and ORGASMS (Yummy!)

>Love and TRUST YOUR BODY and your desires

>Know what your SEXUAL YES'S & NO'S are and how to communicate them
>Open yourself up to sexual exploration and EXPANSION (Juicy!)

>Bridge the gap in sexual miscommunication by understanding how you and your partner are UNIQUELY WIRED FOR AROUSAL

A lot of women who work with me feel disconnected from themselves sexually or have strong sexual desire and feel sexually starved. Other women are wanting to break into the SOMETHING MORE that they intuitively KNOW is available sexually. Maybe you've even experienced glimpses of it and want to experience it more CONSISTENTLY!
I believe that we’re living in an epidemic of the underf*cked woman. As a woman, you operate at your best in all areas of your life when you’re turned on, satiated, and sexually well fed. 

Join a movement of women who are embodying their pleasure, awakening their desires, and becoming sexually empowered and expressed!

Consider this the sex education you never received growing up. 

Self Approved Sex is your complete MANUAL to understand sex & men!
What Women Are Saying About This Course...
"For the first time in my life I FINALLY do not feel like there's something wrong with me.
I feel so empowered sexually and am finally able to experience sexual satiation. What
I absolutely LOVED the most about working with Kat is her amazingly beautiful energy. She shows up so real, raw, vulnerable, and present which sets up such a safe container for anyone in her presence to be able to show up in the same way.
What I LOVED most about her program is that she shares her personal sexuality struggles that were the catalysts for her becoming such a passionate sex coach. By her showing up so vulnerably and sharing her personal experiences as well as her perspectives is what makes her coaching so unique. She connects with women on such a deep level.
I feel that I have a better understanding of my body therefore when I find a partner I will be able to communicate my needs and desires with more ease. If you desire to be held in such a safe, loving, authentic, open, vulnerable, and knowledgeable space to dive deeper into your sexuality then Kat will be a great fit for you. She's truly gifted in what she does!!
Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul."
"Sex and sexuality has been an uncomfortable subject for me, that is until I worked with Kat. I always felt there was something wrong with me that I felt so uncomfortable asking for what I wanted in my sexual relationships with men. Moreover, that I didn't even know what those things were! I felt incomplete in my self, disconnected from the feminine, sensual, sexual parts of me that I know are my Goddess-given right to experience in this life.
I am so beyond grateful to Kat and her expertise, her intuitive knowing, her supportive coaching and practical (and juicy) exercises offered as a part of this program that helped me to unlock those parts of myself that felt scared, stuck, insecure, and unable to move forward freely into my self.
Today I feel more empowered in my femininity and my sexuality and not only that, I now have the understanding and the vocabulary to express myself to my partner. So yummy to be able to share what my desires are and to fulfill those of my partner. Needless to say, it's been a super sexy journey! Thank you, Kat! "
"Since working with Kat in Self Approved Sex, I am actively pursuing my desires and speaking from my heart with men. I now acknowledge what I am feeling going into situations with men and acknowledge how my body feels.
Kat is a beautiful soul and is incredibly supportive and encouraging. I loved that there were two parts to the course each week. That worked great for me!"
- Chelsea   
"I’m more aware of how I tick and more connected to my own sexuality. I’m able to express my preferences now without shame or worry, which has freed me up to grow and explore.
Doing this program, helped me and my partner to create even more satisfying and exciting sexual experiences together. 

 Kat creates a totally safe space. You won’t be pushed to do anything that doesn’t feel good. It’s not about kink, it’s about connection to yourself, which is totally under-rated." 

- Carlie 
Here’s what’s incredibly different about Self Approved Sex over other sex programs or even sex therapy. 

In Self Approved Sex, I take you through all the layers that make you up as a sexual being. You see, sex isn’t just about the physical aspects. It isn't just about creating friction until orgasm. That’s one part. And it is a delicious part. But there's more.

To be truly connected to your sexual self, to be truly sexually expressed, and to truly connect with another intimately, there’s other areas we have to explore.

We'll shift your mind/beliefs/thoughts about sex, about men, and about what it means to be a sexually embodied woman. There is so much conditioning built up around women’s sexuality. 

How you were raised and what you were led to believe about sex from your family and culture growing up greatly affects your relationship with your sexuality and your ability to communicate your sexual needs and desires. 

In Self Approved Sex, I teach you how to map out exactly how your body is wired for sexual pleasure. 
Did you know that every person’s body is wired to receive sexual pleasure in a different way?
Understanding how you're wired and how your partner (or future partner) is wired for sexual pleasure literally bridges the gap of miscommunication in the bedroom. In Self Approved Sex, you'll learn the language.

You'll learn how to feel safe in your sexual expression and how to create sexual boundaries.
Self Approved Sex
6 Week Online Women's Group Coaching 
Transform Your Relationship with Sex & Men
What makes Self Approved Sex unique is you learn and implement who you are as a sexual being on all layers - mental, physical, emotional, and energetic/spiritual!
Here’s the breakdown of each layer...
>Discover how your body is uniquely wired to receive sexual pleasure (your Erotic BlueprintTM)
>Discover specifically how your body likes to be touched and how to communicate this to a partner
>Learn to identify how your current or future partner is sexually wired
>Have a language to discuss and communicate with your partner what it is you both wish to experience sexually

>Learn how to be fully seen and witnessed in your sexual empowerment
>Feel confident in your own body
>Come home to your authentic sexual self-expression
>Feel safe expressing your desires
>Learn how men and women are wired differently
>How to create a communicate your sexual boundaries

>Identify and dismantle your limiting and shame based beliefs about sex
>Create an empowered mindset around sex and intimacy
>Define what being sexually empowered means and feels like to you and wire this into your brain and body
>Deconstruct the beliefs you have about men that are holding you back from truly loving and receiving from the masculine

>This is all about the something more to sex
>Take sex beyond the physical into transcendental, spiritual experiences
>Understand the attraction dynamic and how to create chemistry between you and your partner

What you'll experience in Self Approved Sex:
You'll gain 
>Feel confident expressing your needs and desires 
>Know your specific sexual needs & desires 
>Dismantle sexual shame & guilt

You'll learn 
(key word: EFFECTIVE)

>Being able to speak what you like and don't like without feeling like you're hurting your lover 
>Actually have your sexual needs met  
>Boundaries - how to have them and clearly communicate your sexual yes's and no's 

You'll learn how to have 
>Easily and consistently reach orgasm
>In the moment communicate what you need to reach orgasm  
>Access multiple states of orgasm

You'll have 
>Connect with other women also on a sexual expansion journey
>Support - access to me inside a private Facebook Group
  >Sisterhood and community 

Course Outline
Each week of Self Approved Sex includes one class and one group coaching call.

*All classes are prerecorded & all group coaching calls are LIVE*
Because the classes are prerecorded, you can go through them on your own time anytime BEFORE our weekly coaching call.

*All coaching calls are recorded so if you cannot make it live, you can submit your Q's ahead of time

Here is the breakdown of what each week entails!
You gain immediate access to the BONUSES 

WEEK 1: 
CLASS: The Physical Layer
 Thursday July 25th

Monday July 29th 

WEEK 2: 
CLASS: The Emotional Layer
Thursday August 1st

Monday August 5th

CLASS: The Mental Layer
Thursday August 8th

Monday August 12th

CLASS: The Energetic/Spiritual Layer
Thursday August 15th 

Monday August 19th

WEEK 5: 
CLASS: Understanding & Communicating with Men
Thursday August 22nd

Monday August 26th

WEEK 6: 
CLASS: Pussy Power Activation & Epic Orgasms
Thursday August 29th

Monday Sept 2nd

Don't forget the
Bonus #1 
Becoming Magnetic: How to Naturally Attract Men 
>WITHOUT using a dating site 

>WITHOUT forcing or chasing

>While being AUTHENTIC to yourself

Bonus #2
Communication for Intimacy & Connection
>How to have DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS with your partner 

>How to feel HEART and SEEN even when you have different viewpoints (and how to have your partner feel heart and seen) 

Bonus #3 
TWO TICKETS to our LIVE EVENT: Discover Your Sexual Wiring 

The LIVE EVENT will be taking place on Sunday, August 18th from 1:30pm - 4:30pm at Liberate Hollywood in Los Angeles.

I will re-send you the details as we get closer to the event date!

*Please note that you can bring anyone of your choosing to the event - partner, friend, etc. The extra ticket is yours to use however you want!*

Event Description:

Discover your unique erotic wiring! Deepen intimacy and connection, spice up your sex life, create more passion, attraction, and pleasure in the bedroom!

Learn exactly how your body is wired to receive sexual pleasure!

During this 3 hour workshop, you'll learn the 5 different Erotic BlueprintTM types, the specific turn-on’s and challenges for each type, and how to give and receive pleasure according to your Blueprint.

This class will include both an educational component, and a live demo teaching you how to somatically test ON THE BODY for what turns you on.

You will learn how to do this at home with your partner or with yourself so you can tap into the wisdom of your own body.

Learn how to please your partner in a way they’ve never experienced before and how to communicate to your partner or future partner what turns you on and how to touch you. 
This class is amazing for singles and couples. I’ll be teaching you tools to deepen intimacy, pleasure, connection, and add adventure into the bedroom.

Learn what your body needs and desires for turn on, deepening your connection and understanding of your sexuality.

You'll learn to:

>experience the something more to sex

>connect with yourself and/or your partner sexually & intimately

>feel comfortable and confident in your body and your sexuality

>deepen intimacy and connection

>know specifically what you require to be turned on (physically and psychologically)

>have the tools and confidence to clearly communicate what you desire sexually with your partner (or future partner)

>experience more turn-on and pleasure


*This class is open to both singles and couples of all sexual orientations. You can come with your partner, with a friend, or by yourself. All sexual orientations are welcomed and encouraged. These teachings are valuable for everyone!

*There will be no hands on touching for the participants of the workshop

*18 plus event

*While there is a live demo, there is no nudity at this workshop!

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What if I can't make the classes and live coaching call times? Will they be recorded?
A: Yes! All classes are prerecorded and will be delivered to you each week on Tuesday. Live coaching calls will all be recorded so if you cannot make it live, you can submit your questions ahead of time and I will answer them on the call. 

Q: What time are the CLASSES each week?
A: All classes are prerecorded and will be delivered to you by 12:00pm PST every Tuesday.

Q: What time are the LIVE coaching calls each week? 
A: The exact times will be announced before the program commences

Q: Does it matter where I live?
A: No, the entire program happens online so you can join from anywhere in the world that you have a WiFi connection!

Q: Where does the program happen online? 
A: The program will take place in a private Facebook group where your prerecorded classes will drop each week. The live coaching calls will take place over Zoom, will be recorded and then shared in the group. You can call into the live calls over the phone or join with video chat using the internet. Whatever feels most comfortable for you!

Q: Will we have access to Kat throughout the program? 
A: Yes! Kat will be active each day in the private Facebook Group for the duration of the 6 weeks where you can ask her questions and also connect with the other women in the program. 

Q: What if I have a question I don't want the group to see, is the only way to ask by posting in the Facebook Group? 
A: I do encourage you to post all your questions and shares in the group between calls because chances are if you have a particular question, there is someone else in the group that has the same or similar question. However, if you're not comfortable posting in the group, you can email Kat at 

Q: Is this a women's only group?
A: Yes, the specific program is designed for female bodied persons. 

Q: I've never participated in a program on sex, I'm nervous, what should I expect?
A: You can expect to learn the sex education you never received growing up alongside a group of like-hearted women! I create an incredibly safe and sacred space to learn about and talk about sex. There is no nudity in this program. Everything you'll be learning is intellectual and education based. You get to choose what you do with what you're learning at home.  

 Q: What about my privacy and sharing in the group? 
A: Great question! Every member of the program is required to sign a confidentiality agreement stating that everything shared in the group, via myself or any of the other participants, must remain confidential. 

**If you have any other questions that aren't answered here, email and a team member will get back to you as soon as possible!
Registration Closes May 30th at 11:59pm PST

About Kat
Kat Trimarco is a Sex & Relationship coach, Spiritual Psychologist, published author and motivational speaker.
Kat has a certificate is Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, is a certified Sex & Relationship Coach, Certified Erotic BlueprintTM Coach and has natural intuitive abilities that allow her to see your inner patterns that are holding you back, keeping you stuck and limiting you from accessing your full potential.
She has been featured in major publications and radio shows including LA Talk Radio, Soul Sexy Radio, Motherhood Unstressed, Identify LA, Voyage LA, and Best Self Magazine. She is a monthly contributor to Taylor Magazine and has appeared as a keynote speaker at the the internationally renowned Wanderlust yoga festivals.
Kat works with women, men and couples through one-on-one coaching, facilitates in-person and online group programs and speaks on stages all around the world.

Kat is a published author. In her first book Self Approved - A guide to accepting, loving and expressing the person you truly are, Kat takes you through her journey of rock bottom after a decade of drug and alcohol abuse, her path into sobriety, and her return home to soul truth. She takes you through processes to unveil your true self and unapologetically express yourself. 

Her book is available for purchase worldwide on Amazon!
Copyright 2019 // Kat Trimarco // All Rights Reserved
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