21 Day
21 Day

Soul Alignment





~Join the free 21 day journey of teachings, journal prompts and embodiment practices to connect to, communicate with & co-create alongside your Soul!~
Join Evolutionary Thought Leader,
Quantum Teacher & Coach,
Kat Trimarco, for the
21 Day 
Soul Alignment


I'm so happy you've found your way here!

 Watch the video on this page for more info on the 21 Day Soul Alignment Journey! 

(and ends August 15th)

You can join in at anytime throughout the journey and catch up on the days you missed when you have time!


This journey is completely free to register and to attend! 

The entire journey will take place inside a private Facebook Group, which you'll be emailed the link to join after registering. 

For 21 consecutive days, Kat will be inside the group, bringing you teachings, journal prompts & exercises, and embodiment practices to connect to, communicate with and co-create alongside your soul. 

Plus, I'll be giving away over $3,500 in prizes throughout the journey!

Throughout the journey, you'll receive different teachings, ways of understanding yourself and reality, connecting with and co-creating with your Soul & the Universe!

The idea behind the journey is that over the course of 21 days you will strengthen and develop a deeper, loving, playful and trusting relationship with the most wise, all-knowing, eternal aspect of yourself - YOUR SOUL! 

Connecting and co-creating with your Soul isn't just some mystical journey that takes you out of your physical life. Quite the opposite actually! 

The enhancement of this relationship with your Soul creates an enhancement of every aspect of your physical life.

Think of your Soul as your best friend, your co-creative partner who has a bird's eye view of you and is guiding you moment by moment towards everything you desire - beautiful manifestations, experiences, relationships and things you don't even know exist for you yet! 

Inside the 21 day challenge, I'll be sharing with you teachings, stories, practices and games that I've learned and implemented within my own journey of self realization, co-creation and building a beautiful relationship with my own Soul & co-creating with the Universe. 

This journey is going to be so much fun! 

Inside the 21 Day Soul Alignment Journey you will:

✨ Connect to and communicate with your Soul 

✨ Receive aligned guidance on the big and small decisions of your life 

✨ Co-create your desires utilizing the wisdom and guidance from your Soul

✨ Understand how you can be, do, have, experience and create anything your heart desires

✨ Experience a sense of internal love and security no matter what's happening in your external world

✨ Learn how our Soul's co-create with one another and how to align with this beautiful co-creation

✨ Understand and translate the energetic nature of your being and the Universe 

✨ And so much more!

Register to join me live for the 21 Day Soul Alignment Journey!
And enter for your chance to win one of three prizes, total value of $3,500!

About Kat

Kat Trimarco

Kat Trimarco

About Kat

Kat Trimarco is an Evolutionary Thought Leader, Quantum Teacher & Coach, Energy Reader, Published Author & Speaker.

She teaches people to understand and work with Universal Laws, their thoughts, emotions, energies and different dimensions of consciousness to experience deep internal fulfillment as well as to manifest and co-create a beautiful life, actualizing & embodying their highest available timelines of reality into the physical realm.

Kat has a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. 
She is the author of Self Approved - A guide to accepting, loving and expressing the person you truly are
(Available worldwide on Amazon)

Her work has been featured in major publications including Good Morning La La Land, LA Talk Radio, Thrive, Authority Magazine, Identify LA, Voyage LA, Best Self Magazine and Taylor Magazine and she has appeared as a keynote speaker at the world renowned Wanderlust Festivals.
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