- Free Class Series -
- Free Class Series -

The Art of Quantum Creating

The Art

Quantum Creating
~ Consciously utilize your inner creative faculties to
turn quantum potentials into tangible realities~
Join Evolutionary Thought Leader,
Quantum Teacher & Coach,
Kat Trimarco, for
The Art of
Quantum Creating
free class series!


I'm so delighted that you've found your way here!

My name is Kat Trimarco and I am the founder of Quantum Creation Academy - A school for mastering the art of multi-dimensional co-creation & personal evolution.


I created The Art of Quantum Creating free class series to share with you appetizers of that which is available to learn in full within the year long Academy.

 Inside The Art of Quantum Creating class series, you will learn the process by which you are able to use your inner creative faculties to turn unseen potential realities into tangible manifested realities. 

Within each class, you will also learn more about the full year long Quantum Creation Academy.


Inside The Art of Quantum Creating, you will learn:

✨ How reality is structured

✨ The Laws of Creation and how they effect your reality

✨ How potentials within the infinite quantum field turn into physically manifested realities

✨ How your consciousness effects the world around you & every experience you have

✨ How to make changes at the level of your consciousness to effect your external, manifested reality - consistently & repeatedly

✨ And so much more!

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What  you'll  learn  within the classes:

What  you'll  learn during  the 3 week event

Class #1
The Nature
of Reality

✨ The way in which reality is structured and how your
consciousness operates within it

✨ How it is that we create our own reality

✨ Understand your multi-dimensional self

✨ Moving from 3D creating to quantum creating

  Class #2
Co-Create with Infinite Intelligence

✨ To communicate with the unseen realm of infinite wisdom to receive specific answers, solutions, ideas & guidance

✨ Your connection to your not yet manifested realities within the quantum

✨ How it is that you co-create with the Quantum Field

✨ Opening connection portals to new realities

✨ How barriers and blockages get created between you are your quantum desires

  Class #3
The Art of Creating New Realities

✨ To consciously structure new realities within the quantum, and bring them forth into physical manifestation

✨ Navigating the timelines of your physical identity & your soul identity simultaneously

✨ Embody more of your Soul frequency

✨ What's required to create new realities

✨ Moving from physical creating to multi-dimensional co-creation

Everything taught within The Art of Quantum Creating event is a sampling of the greater evolution journey available for you within Quantum Creation Academy, currently open for application & enrollment.


Quantum Creation Academy is a year long school for learning & mastering the art of multi-dimensional co-creation, personal evolution and self-mastery, where you will be learning how to and actually building out your own internal structures for the specific realities you desire to create.

Inside Quantum Creation Academy, you will:

✨ Activate and embody Divine Love & Heart Frequency – the
secret doorway to the quantum and the elixir of all new creation

✨ Master working within your own consciousness to bring new manifested realities &
experiences into focus

✨ Dissolve old timelines of reality that no longer serve you, while activating, stepping
into & embodying your highest available timelines

✨ Activate Divine Receivership Codes to receive effortlessly both the wisdom of Divine intelligence through your consciousness and in the physical dimension of manifested reality

✨ Open & activate your channel for specific Divine Downloads

✨ Create new realities through the building of new psychological & frequency grids

✨ Unlock personal realities of purpose & meaning to experience deep internal fulfillment

✨ Activate & embody confidence in who you are & how you express

✨ Activate and embody realities anchored in joy, play, love, self-expression and freedom



We are currently taking applications for enrollment into Quantum Creation Academy.

To learn more about Quantum Creation Academy and to apply, click below.

About Kat

Kat Trimarco

Kat Trimarco

About Kat

Kat Trimarco is an Evolutionary Thought Leader, Quantum Teacher & Coach, published author & speaker.

She teaches people to understand and work with Universal Laws, their thoughts, emotions, energies and different dimensions of consciousness to experience deep internal fulfillment as well as to manifest and co-create a beautiful life, actualizing & embodying their highest available timelines of reality into the physical realm.

Kat has a certificate in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica, is a certified coach, and the author of Self Approved - A guide to accepting, loving and expressing the person you truly are
(Available worldwide on Amazon)

Her work has been featured in major publications including Good Morning La La Land, LA Talk Radio, Thrive, Authority Magazine, Identify LA, Voyage LA, Best Self Magazine and Taylor Magazine and she has appeared as a keynote speaker at the world renowned Wanderlust Festivals.
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